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Bloom Studio is a haven for people with all levels of art ability.  At Bloom, it is all about the process and not the ultimate outcome of your artwork.


Some of you who walk through our doors have never picked up a paintbrush in your life. Others will arrive carrying some emotional ‘art baggage’ planted years prior from a comment made by a judgemental and insensitive art teacher, a critique gone wrong or a critical parent.  


Some of you will show up ambivalent, nervous and at times, self deprecating.   It’s an automatic response to anticipating being judged by others and ultimately the teacher.  Many will enter our studio eager and with great confidence.  If you are an experienced artist, you are here to further bloom and grow!


Our aim is to calm and to quell  your  nerves and encourage you to let that all go and approach this opportunity as any other activity (such as a movie night out with popcorn and the works.)  We want you to simply enjoy the experience.  No stress.  That’s it.  No one is going to be a Picasso on their first attempt at painting, so we encourage you to let those feelings go.   


When you have finished painting and suddenly realize you love how it feels to paint and want to continue making art, well, then, we have done our job.  Nothing makes us happier than knowing art experienced at Bloom studio will have a positive, lasting, lifelong effect on people.

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