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Homeschoolers Art Classes

Add a whole new creative dimension to your child's homeschool curriculum!  Let Bloom Studio help your child unfurl their creativity with a weekly art class that fills their need to paint, collage, craft and learn about influential artists!

We combine children's literature with thematic artwork to teach and experience a creative lesson in a fun, memorable way!
Matisse Dancer
Sailing on a Doodle Sea

Sailing on a Doodle Sea Collage/Ink 

Matisse Dancer Project

Information on our Homeschooler Art Classes

Ages: 4-17 

Minimum: 4 - 25 children

Cost: $25 for individual classes/$20 for weekly classes in 4 week bundles.  (Sibling 10% discounts available)

What is included: All art supplies, step by step guided instruction and apron to protect clothing

Duration: 2 hours each session

Please call to schedule your Homeschooler's session(s).  All classes are by appointment.  We welcome groups of homeschoolers to learn art together!          



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